1. Viva Antigua by Essie


What makes the Viva Antigua so unique and beautiful? It’s the warmth and the kindness of its shade. The Viva Antigua is inspired by the beautiful and the lush Antigua; the nail polish will make you feel so amazing and lovely. When you apply it, hints of shimmer scatter throughout the beautiful turquoise and give it a fantastic finish. For full coverage, you will need 2 to 3 coverages.

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2. Zoya


Zoya can be best described as the softened jade green that has a hint of blue that makes it a wearable to all skin tones. This nail polish does not contain any Doe toluene or DBP, it is chip resistant and is very durable. If you are looking for a perfect shade, Zoya has over 50 shades to complement your skin tone perfectly.

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3. Fearlessly Alice by Opi


Fearlessly Alice is bold and with cerulean blue color with a bold style. Nothing can stop you in this blue bold nail polish. Inspired by Alice Through the looking glass, these shades will take you to a new world of beautiful and fantastic colors, they will give you memorable moments in the delightful escapades through time.

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4. Summer by Julep


One amazing thing about Summer is that it dries ultra fast and allows up to 30% more oxygen to permeate the nail bed. This long lasting nail polish will make your nails healthy and much more beautiful all at the same time. When you use it, you will never look at nail polish the same way again.

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5. Butter London by Ulta


Butter London has highly pigmented lacquers that are created for the catwalk and are made to nourish and protect your nails. When you apply the nail polish, you will create bespoke looks that have countless finishes and colors, as they say, it is color without compromise. With consistent coverage and high pigmentation, you will look beautiful. It also contains a formula that strengthens your nails.

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