4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Relationship Sparkling


Relationships are not always sparkling, there comes a time when the fire in the relationship stops burning; this could lead to the end of a relationship. There are those things which are termed as quirky characteristics which may get to your nerves very fast. Many relationships get into peril when reality starts to show itself and that is when you start to know the good and the bad qualities of your better half. However you should not be scared because to every problem there is a solution. There are various steps which will help you to get your relationship back or keep your relationship interesting before it reaches this deadly stage.


If you follow these four steps then you can be assured of a strong relationship and also an interesting one. The first thing that you should do is to always remind yourself of the thing that made you to fall in love with your partner. There are those times when falling in love is very easy, the only thing that you need to do is to just remind yourself. How do you do this? You can remind yourself of how you felt the first time you met your partner or any special times that you both have shared. Think also of the hard times in your life. Think of how your partner supported you in those hard times. Reminding yourself of the past will help you greatly in putting a spark in your relationship. However if your memories are full of bad images then the best you can do is to end the relationship.


The second thing that you should do is to find a date night during the week. After being in a relationship for sometime, it is very easy for you to go back to your way of life without sparing some time for your partner. Having quality time for you and your partner is very important because it is the only way that you remind yourself of what is really important in your life.


The third step is telling your partner on daily basis why you love them. You should be ready to complete your partner on daily basis. This will not only make them feel good and closer to you but it will also be a routine. This will motivate the flow of love.


The fourth step is to be active. You can do this by playing games with one another. This will bring out deep feelings of love and joy. The fifth step is to get physical. Having a physical contact with your partner will definitely give a spark in your relationship.


Different Kinds of Relationships We Deal with


This is a word commonly uttered by human beings. Some are afraid of it, some loathe it and some just cannot stop talking about it. Love is a type of a relationship and it is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. It has a strong ability to change us in ways we never thought was possible. It can be family platonic or romantic love.


Family love is that attachment among family members that bond present between parents and their children or between siblings or even among the extended family members, you know how we commonly say there is nothing like a mother’s love, or the joy of a father’s care and the sharing of a meal with your siblings? .The members always look out for each other and constantly worry about each other. No matter how many times they fight because that is something that never lacks in a family, they will still love each other at the end of the day. Do you know that family members are amongst the few people who will genuinely worry about you? Family love plays a really big role in our lives and it is considered as the society’s building block.


Platonic is the non sexual love between friends, the kind of love where you care about your friend, help them out when in need and always wanting what’s best for them. Then we have the romantic love and in this case it is a relationship between two couples who are totally emotionally attached or physically attracted to each other. Lust is a love element that defines the quest for romantic love in most people and once it’s gone most people prefer being friends to lovers. Love relationships are not always easy and they too require a lot of effort from both sides since it is a way two thing too.


A lot of people who end up enduring breakups tend to always blame themselves or their partners for their heart breaks and from time to time the victims take stupid measures in the name of revenge, here is a little you can do to ensure all goes well. Always remember to appreciate your spouse from time to time, learn to express your anger in a loving manner, be honest, faithful, be supportive, learn the art of communication and say the three special words often. This way both of you will have a lasting relationship. Love does not always last, at one time it has to fade off or end but it does not necessary mean it was not love.


Maintaining Your Casual Relationships


People often meet in the most weird places on earth and end up being so close and having this tight bond thus forming a relationship right? Say two people bump into each other on the streets and they become tight friends or they meet up in school and grow fond of each other and a relationship is born. Of course we have different types of relationships and each one of them needs effortless attributes to make it stronger that is if you want them to last. Take an example of the friendship type of relationship.


I must say it’s really not that easy to find a genuine friend and if one does, well that is a treasure with no sort of measure.  Friendship is an interpersonal sort of relationship where one wants what’s best for the other. Care, trust, loyalty, honesty and love are often reciprocated since it is a two way thing. Personal chemistry that develops between you two and feeling comfortable with each other, understanding each other, being there for each other, a feeling of trust that really grows randomly, sharing of common goals and interests, you realize you have a lot to learn from each other and the fact that you can complete each other’s sentences are very good signs of a great friendship.


We have a large category of friendships and you might check it out to see where you lie. An acquaintance who is almost similar to a buddy; this is someone who is a friend whom you have no emotional attachment with, simply one you enjoy eating out with or having a little chat with, like a coworker. A best friend or a best friend forever (BFF); now this is a very close friend whom you have strong emotional ties with which tend to really last.


Casual relationships or friends with benefits; this is more of a sexual or emotional relationship where two people don’t expect to have a formal relationship. A comrade is a term commonly used in the battle fields by the soldiers or in the military force. Then we have frenemy, this kind of relationship stands out more as enemity in that both friends pretend to be friends but in real sense they are enemies mostly known as a proverbial wolf in a sheep’s clothing in the world of friendships you know the sort of friendships where one competes with the other or says and does nasty things behind their back.


Stages of a Relationship


For one to have a successful relationship there are various steps which are supposed to be followed. You must follow these steps as they appear and not jump even one of them. Why most relationships fail is because they did not follow the various steps in order. For a long term relationship to be successful, the parties must follow the steps. These steps bring about fresh feelings, challenges that you are supposed to conquer and fresh chances for development.


The first stage of a relationship is the romance stage. This is the stage that you try to please one another and try not to hurt the other. This stage is also called the courtship or the fantasy stage. This stage can last from two months to two years depending on individuals. This is the stage that you have so much in common and you almost appear as one person. You also spend most of the time together and conflict is the worst when it comes to this stage. This stage is the one that the base of your relation is built. You will also experience some biological produce. These effects make you happy all the time. This is the stage that you feel extremely happy and you do not think that this feeling will ever end.


The second stage is the disillusionment stage. This is the stage where you come to reality and you familiarize yourself with the reality. This is the stage that you get to understand your partner more and know their defects and weaknesses. In this stage you will start to feel less hyper because the biological produce of endomorphism is low. You will notice that your partner is not so perfect after all but there are some parts of him or her that are still good. This is the stage which most people become confused and you will start to know things about your partner. The best skill that you can use in this stage is knowing how to communicate with your partner and solve various problems.


The final stage is the commitment stage. This is stage where the partners transform and start to real love. This is the stage that they know each other’s weaknesses and they learn to deal with them. In this stage the partners do not need each other but have chosen one another. In this stage you are more of a team and partners than you are in relationship. Commitment is the key factor in any relationship and in this stage you start to make your relationship loud. With these few stages you can be able to check which stage you skipped.


Your Relationship with Your Community


Would it not be so good if everybody could relate with the other without having to fight or using violence? I think the world would have been the best place to be and probably the astronauts would be thinking twice before leaving for space.  Would it not also have great if no one had to say mean things to the other or break their hearts? It is so sad how little people consider humanity to be and this is seen in the many wars that have taken part in different parts of the world. It is crystal clear that our relationships are the source of our never-ending problems. If only people could relate well then there would have been no bloodshed, no lives lost no homeless people, no orphaned children, no widowers or widows.


We keep hearing of nations where peace is unheard of, fighting is always the order of the day reason being; tribalism or the greed of a leader who is too selfish to accept the fact that his/her ruling time is long overdue. It is such a pity how someone would prefer being filthy rich to helping others, how mean is that? It really does not cost anything to share the little you have with the one who has nothing, it’s funny because we do forget that no one knows how tomorrow will be and maybe, just maybe the same thing would happen to us the next day or to someone we know.


To solve our issues like war we first have to deeply consult ourselves in terms of relationships. Love is very essential factor in building healthy relationships, smile to that stranger who comes to your office looking for a job vacancy, properly shake their hand, be friendly to that person who is asking for directions, kindly help the visually disabled or the old people to cross the road, welcome your new neighbor to the your neighborhood in a warm manner, donate food and cloth stuff to the needy, do some community work in your area like collecting garbage or cleaning up.


Do not give tribalism, religion or the skin color the first priority when you meet someone in an event or when one needs your help. Get to know others despite of where they come from, it is not a place that makes a person, it is their character and personality. If you put out your best side by doing all those loving things to others, don’t you think you would change the world?