Game Of Thrones Work Out Exercises to Build Muscle


game-of-thrones-bjornYou might say that Bjornsson got his start as a youth in his native Iceland where his athletic career started on basketball courts. At 25, he stood more than 6 foot 9 inches tall and a mind-numbing 440 pounds. He used his size to his advantage as Center but soon found himself sidelined with an injury that took him out of the game. Soon forced to quit, he started working as a strongman and soon began acting.

Just as is the case with many of his ilk, Bjornsson attributes his size and bulk to the dual benefits of diet and exercise. His diet is managed by an Icelandic dietician, who feeds him a wide variety of natural foods, primarily fruits, and vegetables, as well as a combination of lean meats. He only observes one cheat day, but even on that day, he does not eat junk since he believes that such a day interferes with is training.