10 Simple Ways to Manage Stress

Here are some easy stress-busting techniques to try when you feel stressed out:

1. Check your body and mind for tension; tense muscles can cause a lot of harm to the human body. When stress strikes, breathe in deeply from your abdomen so that the stomach rises rather than just your chest. Breathe out slowly and repeat the cycle.

2. Take a walk around your neighborhood or in a park. Feel the rhythm of your movement and enjoy being outside, away from distractions such as work and electronic gadgets. It is more advisable if you can take a walk with someone else — walking alone may just lead to more rumination over stressful thoughts.

3. Play with your pet or spend time with a loved one who makes you feel good and happy. Be extra kind to children because they are highly vulnerable to stress as they do not have the mental capacity to handle stressful situations well, especially if they involve their parents.

4. Listen to music, preferably songs that make you dance. Dance it out if you can!

5. Go for a swim. It’s not only a great form of exercise, but also the water is soothing to the skin and movement in water feels healing. Make sure, however, that you don’t overdo your workout or practice sports when you are already feeling overwhelmed with stress.

6. Eat a banana or drink a glass of milk, as both are natural remedies to ease tension and stress. Bananas contain potassium, calcium, magnesium; all these elements help you get rid of anxiety and stress. Milk has tryptophan which is the same amino acid found in chocolates that produces feel-good endorphins.

7. Eat a light snack or try a natural cold remedy that will boost your energy and help you relax.

8. Do something relaxing like taking a warm bath, foot massage, soaking your feet in hot water with essential oils added to it, reading a good book or meditating/praying — whatever gives you comfort.

9. If possible, seek professional help from a therapist who will teach you techniques to manage stress and help you think through your problems with greater clarity.

10. Finally, if nothing works, accept that something is stressing you out more than what you can control right now, and do some self-care by booking a massage session or simply resting.

Above all, try to be mindful of the things that bring you stress and do your best to avoid them whenever possible — don’t let stress build up in your body! Remember: the severity of the symptoms is proportional to how long and how much we have been stressed out.

So, take care of yourself, and your body will show its appreciation by giving you all the energy it can muster.