12 Metabolism Boosting Water-Based Drinks For Losing Weight and Detoxing Your Body

Water weight loss

No matter which age group you belong too, adding these 12 Metabolism Boosting Water-Based Drinks to your daily routine will help you get the benefits of increased water intake along with the vitamins and minerals you’ll need to lose weight and keep your body healthy.

1West African Red Tea

This ancient tea has been used as remedy for thousands of years to detoxify, energize and boost metabolism. It’s found deep in the heart of Africa and was introduced as a weight loss trigger by Liz Swann Miller.

The West African Red Tea is used as the foundation for Miller’s Red Tea Detox Program which has received an overwhelming amount of buzz as of late. Primarily because there has been over 500 medical studies and almost 3 years of scientific testing showing real results and the true science behind this new red tea detox.

For more information about West African Red Tea you can check out this video here.