5 best supplements for allergies

We all know that allergies suck. Runny noses, puffy eyes, headaches, and fatigue are a few symptoms of the spread of allergens around your home. But what can you do to avoid these things? There are lots of natural remedies for allergies depending on what type of allergy you have (watery eyes vs a runny nose) or where you are most sufferers (home remedies for seasonal allergies vs home remedies for dust mite allergies). Natural supplements like herbs, vitamin C, and black elderberry help detox the body and have anti-inflammatory effects to relieve allergy symptoms.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to alleviating allergy woes, so try and avoid allergens when you’re in their “blast zone.” If that’s not an option, stock up on these best supplements for allergies and take them before your exposure as needed.

5 Best Supplements for Allergies:

1. Quercetin: a flavonoid found in apple skins, red grapes, berries, etc., quercetin is a natural antihistamine and can neutralize allergy effects.

2. Bromelain: found naturally in pineapples, bromelain is an enzyme that breaks down proteins to help allergies by destroying histamines.

3. Vitamin C: high doses of vitamin C has been used since the 1970s to treat symptoms of allergies, and is recommended by the “Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.”

4. Vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin E supplementation can decrease allergy symptoms when taken daily by mouth or applied to the skin.

5. Zinc: this essential mineral has been shown to help reduce allergy symptoms in children and adults, and can help speed the recovery of nasal inflammation.