Everything about Shiba Inu Coin

The shiba inu cryptocoin is a new type of crypto coin that has been introduced.

The shiba inu cryptocoin belongs to the dogecoin family and it serves as a light version to the well-known dogecoin. By this, we mean that shiba inus are worth less than one millionth of a dogecoin (0.00000001).

Just like the dogecoins, these shiba inu coins need to be mined. The block reward is 1/4 compared to dogecoin and this makes it easier for people with lower specs computers to mine them aswell. This cryptocoin is extremely rare and it will not reach a high market cap at all, so the value of each shiba inu will increase much more than dogecoins.

The mining difficulty is also considerably lower than for dogecoin and this makes it easier to mine as well. The blocktime is 1 minute compared to dogecoins 2.5 minutes which means that transactions are confirmed 4x faster.

The algorithm is scrypt based meaning that it can be mined with CPUs and GPUs alike, unlike bitcoin which only can be mined using ASICs. However, the mining difficulty is 50% higher than dogecoin so you will need a powerful GPU to mine this cryptocoin profitable.

If you are interested in mining this new cryptocoin, be sure to download the wallet from the official website and head over to bitcointalk where you can find more information about shiba inu crypto.

In the end, this new cryptocoin serves as a good way for people to show their appreciation towards shibas and still have a chance of earning money by mining these coins.