How to boost immune system

How to boost the immune system? This is an important question for everyone who wants to feel good. Strong and healthy throughout his life. But how can you do it, if there are many factors that influence on our health and well-being? How often do we become ill or stressed out by various reasons? At least once a week, if not every day.

How to boost the immune system really depends on our lifestyle. We should be more attentive to ourselves and give your body what it needs for self-recovery. As you know, the healthy food is recommended as a basis for getting good health. But we often can not afford to eat everything fresh and natural, so we have to resort to processed foods in the shops. But we should try not to consume meat products at all. Also need to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Do you move enough? Are afraid of the cold and wind? In this case, you may already be experiencing increase in other diseases: bronchitis, colds and other infections caused by viruses. So it is better to get warmer clothes, but most importantly do not give up outdoor activities.

How to boost the immune system? Taking into account all these factors will help us understand what we can eat or drink in order to strengthen our immune system. There are many organisms that restore health and activate our immune system. And nature offers us many of them:

* Vegetables with a high content of vitamin C, which is irreplaceable for the health of your immune system. There are many such products like broccoli, tomatoes, currants and bell peppers. They need to eat plenty throughout the year. This is the best choice.

* Yeast – contains many microelements that are important for proper functioning of the immune system: chromium, manganese, selenium, vanadium and others. Therefore it is important to eat yeast as much as possible. These include natural products such as sourdough bread and beer.

* Garlic – is also a great helper in recovery of the immune system. It contains sulfur compounds that destroy viruses and bacteria. Look for food containing garlic and eat it with pleasure: fresh garlic, sauces, pickles and natural honey.

* Coconut oil has a high content of caprylic acid. This component has the power to destroy fungi and other harmful microorganisms, which are often encountered on our food products. You can use it for cooking or as natural cosmetics. For example, in your bath you can add 3-4 tbsp coconut oil. The water should be warm and you can leave the bath about 10 minutes. This combination will help you get beautiful skin and powerful immune system.

* Vitamin E – is the best natural vitamin for your immune system. It contains a large amount of antioxidants that help fight cancer and other serious diseases. Without it, you can not do without taking vitamin E dietary supplements to maintain good health.

* Vitamin C – besides its role in preventing colds, this vitamin enhances the function of antibodies and prevents various inflammatory processes in our body. Need at least 1000 mg of vitamin C per day to maintain good health, but even more is better.