New trends for 2022

The predictions for 2022 will show us the following: smart homes, digital security, virtual reality, augmented reality, new materials and bio-based products. All items which are already starting to find favor in the market.

As we have often said before, new trends are not invented every day. It’s a long process of cause and effect from which suitable projects arise over the course of several years – something which is just about to happen now. We will take you through everything in detail, and explain how the growth markets work together with the daily lives of consumers.

The overall picture is rather simple: the older a trend, the more mature it has become. This also means that these trends are in fact already profitable for manufacturers and retailers who focus on them. It takes time until they reach this point; if they didn’t then we wouldn’t be able to see them as growth markets. But how do you tell whether a trend is actually good? How many markets are there that are still promising, and which ones can we already say goodbye to?

The devices market has been around for a long time with lots of different appliances to choose from. However, we have reached the point where consumers want more in terms of functions and design. It was only recently that connected objects finally became affordable for the masses – something which has already triggered new trends.

The world of Industry 4.0 is still very much in its beginnings; many companies have still not yet grasped what is involved in this whole process. There are also many who don’t even know about the possibility of establishing a network between their individual objects, thus creating production that runs with less human input and fewer errors.

Bio-based products are an integral part of Industry 4.0; after all, they make up a significant part of the raw materials for new plastics and any other products used in this context. The market has already been growing for quite some time now, and if only a handful of companies start to invest more into biodegradable products then we will not be able to ignore these trends anymore.

And while digital security still doesn’t seem that important to consumers, the market remains promising. The possibilities of keeping our data private are getting more and more important in an ‘always-on’ society.

In addition, we have also given our opinion about the future of digital security. The possibilities of keeping data private are becoming more important than ever before – especially with the latest trends for 2022 .