What is the color of 2024?

The color of 2024 is Apricot Crush, according to the Pantone Color Institute. The color is inspired by both nature and technology, with its combination of warm apricot and cool gray tones. Apricot Crush evokes feelings of comfort, optimism, and creativity – essential qualities for a successful future. It also encourages people to embrace innovation while honoring tradition. This unique hue reminds us that the future is never certain, but it can always be filled with hope.

The best way to incorporate this exciting new color into your home or office is to use it as an accent. Try pairing Apricot Crush nail polish or a scarf with a neutral outfit, or adding it to a piece of wall art or furniture. The color can also be used in décor pieces like throw, pillows and window curtains. With its versatility and vibrant hue, Apricot Crush is the perfect way to add some life and energy to any space this year. So go ahead, explore the possibilities of Apricot Crush and make your own bold statement in 2024.