11 Ways To Overcome Your Stage Fright

nervous speaking

If standing on a stage and performing intimidates you, then these are some things that can help.


  1. Make sure your preparation is perfect. Rehearse your stuff several times. Do a mock show in front of your family and friends and get their feedback. They may tell you what you are lacking in, and they will also compliment you on the things you did well. Having a fair idea of these things will help you do better when you are on stage.


  1. If you are on stage, facing the public and doing something static, like speaking to them, then this trick could be employed. Look around in the audience for people who are interacting with you in some way. There are always such responsive people in the audience. They might be holding a direct eye contact with you, or they might be shaking their heads in approval of what you are saying. Bond with these people. Even when you are speaking in public, you can create such personal bonds. Speak as if you are speaking to them directly. Look at them often. Even they will get the feeling that you are performing directly for them and they will become more responsive. This boosts your confidence further.


  1. At the same time, do not alienate people in the audience. When you are up on stage, take a moment first to glance through the entire crowd. When you know what you are up against, you can certainly do a better job! Look for people you know—the familiar faces who you know will root for you—and cast a look around in general.


  1. Be confident. These people are looking forward to listening to you or watching you perform. They will enjoy what you say or do. Keep such a positive attitude in your mind. You will find that when you think positively, you automatically begin performing in a much better manner.


  1. Everybody fumbles. Do not worry much about those gaffes and goofs that might happen when you are on stage. Think about it this way—how many of the people in the audience will have the courage to do what you are doing? That itself propels you to perform better. You get the trust within yourself that you are doing what few people in the audience would dare to do.


These are the tips that can help you put up a better show on stage. Most importantly, be yourself and you will find that you falter much less when you are up there.


How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public


Most people are paranoid of speaking in public. But, at the same time, these people know that if they could overcome this fear, they would lead a more successful life. Are you afraid of speaking in public as well? These methods will help.


  1. Firstly, you should know that the fear of speaking is not the fear of speaking itself. You know that there are many things that you can say, so the speaking part itself is not a problem. Your problem is something related to the act of speaking. Maybe you are afraid that you will mess up on stage, forget your words, or pronounce something in a funny way and become the butt of YouTube jokes. Or, maybe you are afraid that people will walk out when you start speaking, or doze off, or not applaud you. You have to sit and analyze what your cause of fear is. This actually helps in dealing with the situation.


  1. Everyone feels jittery, at least a teensy-weensy bit, when they have to walk up on stage and face those people who are staring at them. But, you should realize that this kind of nervousness is universal. Most of these people, as soon as they hold the microphone, find all their fear subsiding. You just have to walk up to the stage, hold the mike and begin… you will find your fear going away.


  1. Practice well. If you are paranoid of getting on stage, then rehearsing it in advance will help a lot. If you know your speech backwards and are confident about it, you won’t be afraid too much. You may also try to hold a mock show at home with your family and friends attending, just to get over the fear.


  1. Do not worry about messing up with the words. There is only a very remote chance of that happening. The trick is to speak from the mind, to really feel what you are saying. If you are truthful about what you say, you will not lisp.


  1. Dress well. Be neat. It all works!


  1. When speaking, if you suddenly feel jittery, look at the place where people you know are sitting. Just looking at them can help a lot. From personal experience, if feel a bit nervous when speaking, I look for people who are visibly responding to what I say… nodding their heads or something like that. Speaking directly to them is also something that can help build that confidence on stage.


Try these tips. You will find that your stage fright is not as bad as it seems.