4 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

If you are a woman, it is highly likely that you have had, do have or will have cellulite at some stage in your adult life. 90% of all women develop it and contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with obesity. Many women who develop the condition have a healthy range BMI (Body Mass Index).


Cellulite is created by pockets of fat trapped beneath the surface of the skin producing the all too familiar dimpling of the skin that some describe as like orange pill in appearance. Although it is predominately a female condition, some men do develop the condition. It occurs predominately in the areas of the body containing the largest number of fat storage cells, mainly the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.


A good diet and regular exercise will not stop cellulite formation; however, it does improve its overall appearance. It tends to be more obvious in overweight women. Women around the world spend money and time trying to eliminate or prevent the problem, but most find it extremely difficult to remove.


There are different treatments, which have had different results for different people. The major treatments are as follows:–


  1. Eliminate Body Fat: Although body fat does not cause cellulite, it does make it look worse. Losing weight and exercising will improve overall health and metabolism and will improve the appearance of the problem areas. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking increase the chances of developing cellulite. Reducing intake of these may help.


  1. Creams and Massage: There are varieties of creams available that state they treat and reduce cellulite. Some are available through pharmacies and others through specialist beauty products. Health stores sell some herbal creams. Massaging these into the skin is probably the reason they work if you see any improvement, as there have been reports of temporary improvement of cellulite after deep massage. Its long-term effect is debatable.


  1. Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery provides limited results as the liposuction removes cells from deeper levels than where the cellulite occurs. It provides minimal improvement.


  1. Cellulite Stockings: Comparatively inexpensive, these stockings do not cure cellulite, but they improve the appearance of badly effected buttocks and thighs and many women use them esthetically, with immediate improvement while wearing the stockings.


It is important to discuss appropriate treatment plans with a doctor who can advise the best individual treatment approach.