4 things women should know when starting fitness training

1 – The main problem that most of the girls have when they start to workout is that they don’t know how to train their bodies correctly. They focus on training like a man and not paying attention that each body part needs its own time to be trained. Before starting the exercise program you need to find out what is your main goal, for example if you would like to get a flat stomach and have cellulite free thighs then you should concentrate on exercises that will help you with this, for example if your goal is to build bum muscles then leg curls machine and squats are going to be very helpful. If your main goal is a flat stomach and toned bum then it’s important not to train them both together. Each body part needs its own time to rest and recover, in order for you to get maximum results from your workouts. You should do that for a while then change the routine because if you don’t do so it will be harder for you to achieve what you want.

2 – Only train the muscles that really need it. This is very important. Before starting any workout you have to know what kind of results you want from it and for that you need to find out the weak parts of your body that needs help, so if for example your lower abs are flabby then train them on their own because they need more attention than let’s say your upper abs or shoulders. If you don’t concentrate on your weak parts then you will be wasting time with workouts whose results are not going to show or even worse you might end up getting injured.

The weakness in your body is something that you have to find out for yourself, so if for example your lower back is flabby and weak then the cure for it is doing exercises like lying bent over rows or deadlifts. If your lower back is not weak then don’t train it as much because if you do so you might end up injuring some of the other muscles in your body.

3 – Training frequency and duration. You should listen to your body when training, for example let’s say that on Monday you have trained your lower back muscles in the gym. If on Tuesday you are still feeling sore then don’t go to the gym and train them again because if you do so you will end up injuring yourself. If on Monday after training your lower back for example deadlifts (see previous point) you feel that they are still a little bit sore for you to squat properly then don’t go to the gym and do squats. Wait until your body is ready for it or maybe try doing legs curls instead which doesn’t focused on lower back muscles. There are many other exercises that you can choose to do if you would like to workout a body part that is still sore from the last session, so use your imagination and find one that is suitable for you.

4 – You need to have a goal or else the whole process of building muscle will be useless, because you won’t even know what to do in order for you to achieve what it is that you want. Without goals, there are no results!

If from all of the above you still have difficulties in knowing how to properly train your body then I recommend that you hire a trainer, because trainers are there for this reason. They will do everything for you while all you need to do is follow them and never forget your goals.