7 exercises to do everyday

1- Squat jumps

Squat jumps are great for developing explosive jumping ability (countermovement jump). They increase strength in the legs and develop quick muscle contractions.

How to perform: Start at the top of a squat, jump up explosively as high as possible then return back down into the squat position.

2- Chair dips

A great exercise for the arms and shoulders, it’s also perfect to practice your movement before a game or training session starts. The key is learning how to execute when tired (when you’re arm strength has been fatigued). With better form, this will allow you to have more control when tired.

How to perform: Sit on the edge of a chair, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your palms facing down. Your back should be straight and your elbows by your side. Slowly lower yourself until you feel a good stretch in your shoulders then push back up into the starting position as quickly as possible.

3- Chair slides

This is a great exercise designed to help develop your footwork and lateral quickness. It also develops good balance, which is quite important for all sports. By doing it everyday you can also improve muscle memory in this movement pattern.

How to perform: Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Take a large step to the right to slide your left foot outside and behind your right foot. Make sure you are driving off the ball of your foot (heel shouldn’t touch the ground).

4- Chair bridges

This is a great exercise for developing core strength, as well as learning how to stabilize your body while holding a position.

How to perform: Start with your feet on the edge of a chair, keep your arms by your side and lift your hips up off the chair as high as possible then lower yourself back down.

5- Pushups off a bench (or chairs)

The key to this exercise is to really focus on your form. The back should be straight, tight and in line with the head and the knees. By doing it everyday you can learn how to perform this movement correctly when tired (when you’re strength has been fatigued).

How to perform: Start on a bench or chair, walk yourself down until your chest is just above the chair then push yourself back up as quickly as possible.

6- Air squats (pistol squat)

This exercise develops explosive jumping ability as well as improving core strength and balance.

How to perform: Stand on one leg, lower yourself down into a squat until your knee is at 90 degrees then hop back up onto two feet.

7- Ab slides

This is a great exercise for developing core strength and control. It’s also very functional as you can do it anywhere (it doesn’t require any equipment).

How to perform: Lie face down on the floor with your arms at 90 degrees, slide one arm forward until you are in a position where your elbow is just above the ground. Then slide your arm back until you are in the starting position. Repeat on same side before alternating to the other side.

Exercise Tip: Perform these 7 exercises everyday and you’ll develop a great body as well as gain serious muscle endurance.