5 foods that can replace your multivitamin

1. Cod Liver Oil

This one is a bit of a wildcard because it’s an oil and not something you generally eat. However, cod liver oil is jam-packed with nutrients that are great for your body and skin. It’s high in vitamins A and D, both of which contribute to overall health as well as increased energy levels. Vitamin D is also claimed to greatly reduce acne in many people.

Another benefit of cod liver oil is excellent skin and hair health. Cod liver oil contains fatty acids that can repair and protect any damaged skin on your body. It’s also a great source of Omega-3s, which are essential for healthy hair growth.

2. Fermented Foods

This one is a no-brainer for those who regularly practice a ketogenic diet. Fermentation naturally increases the vitamins and minerals in any food because it’s predigested by bacteria – even vegetables. Sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented veggies provide everything your body needs to fight off infections and stay healthy.

Fruits are also natural products of fermentation. Apples, for instance, turn sweet and soft when they ferment so there’s no need to add sugar. That being said, it comes with a major caveat: some fruits like plums have been found to contain high amounts of acrylamide , a potentially dangerous chemical compound that can cause cancer.

3. Liver

Surprised to see this one here? Most people wouldn’t immediately think of consuming organs when they think “nutrition”. However, liver is extremely rich in vitamin A and iron – the former being important for healthy skin , despite what you may have heard about Vitamin A oil causing acne . Iron, as stated earlier, is great for hair and skin.

It’s also a much bigger source of copper than other foods. Copper deficiency can lead to thinning hair or even baldness in men, but consuming liver ensures you get your daily dose. On top of all that, it contains an excellent amount of zinc.

4. Oysters

Before wandering over to the nearest seafood restaurant, you need to know that oysters are incredibly rich in vitamin B12 . The good news is there’s no risk of overdosing since the body can only absorb a limited amount at a time. Vitamin B12 has been shown to boost your complexion and give you a healthy glow.

Oysters also have high levels of zinc, which is a common deficiency. Zinc can reduce acne and even eliminate it in some cases; however, you need to consume more than the average person’s daily intake because your body won’t absorb as much.

5. Spinach or Kale Smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent addition to any diet because they can be made in a variety of different ways. You’re not limited to fruits and berries, but you can include dark green vegetables like spinach or kale instead.

These two contain high levels of vitamins K1 and K2 , respectively. Vitamin K is great for your skin because it increases blood circulation which reduces the appearance of acne . Studies have also shown that both vitamins reduce age spots and wrinkles as well, which is why so many people turn to green smoothies for their beauty needs.