How I found a cure for my joint pain

It is a common lament among many of us that we seem to be getting older, and, as a result, not quite so sprightly anymore.

I had always been in good health but it seemed I was suffering from aches and pains more frequently than I used to do so when my daughter suggested that I see her osteopath, I agreed.

I found it to be a very positive experience, so much so that I actually started going on a regular basis.

He was able to sort me out on a number of occasions and I felt so much better for it.

However, when I turned seventy, my osteopath said that he could no longer guarantee being able to get me back on my feet again even if I did suffer a minor fall. He suggested that I try his colleague who runs a clinic specialising in these things.

I was a little reluctant at first but I had nothing to lose so I thought, ‘What the heck?’. After all, the bloke did a good job on my daughter so he must be okay.

He was very thorough and took some x-rays of my knees as well as my hip.

It was when he showed me the x-rays that I realised what I had been missing out on all these years; my bones were in a shocking state.   He explained to me quite frankly that I would need some joint replacement surgery the next day if he didn’t do anything about it then and there.

He gave me a shot of something which would numb my knees but it took about two hours for the full effect to take place.

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t really feel them at all and when I sat up on the edge of the bed, they felt completely normal. The osteopath gave me a number of exercises to do and told me to come back in a week so he could see how I was getting along.

When I went back for my follow-up appointment, he said that the treatment had worked very well and that I no longer needed any surgery but advised me to make sure that I kept up with the exercises so as not to lose what little mobility I had gained.

He suggested that I go home, take a couple of ibuprofen and then get some rest. When I got home, I took his advice but fell asleep before taking the ibuprofen so when my daughter woke me up with some breakfast, she found me in agony because the medication hadn’t kicked in yet.

I quickly took the ibuprofen and then it did kick in very quickly.

After I had eaten, I was able to walk around without too much discomfort and by lunchtime, there wasn’t a trace of pain left at all.

A week later, I went back again for my follow-up appointment and he said that I was one hundred percent better and he didn’t expect any problems with my knees now until I got to be about eighty five years old.

I asked him how he had managed to get rid of the pain so quickly and he told me all about a miracle treatment called joint shot therapy.

I started doing some research and found out that there are actually quite a few health benefits to undergoing joint shot therapy.

It’s a safe and natural alternative to expensive joint replacement surgery which is usually accompanied by a slew of side effects.