How to live longer

“The answer to your question is, you don’t. You can’t live longer,” said Peter Molnar, a professor of geosciences at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

That’s right readers: death is inevitable! Sorry to break it to you like that but there’s no escaping it – even if you live off the grid in a mountain cabin and eat nothing but kale.

So, why can’t we live longer? We simply don’t know! Molnar says that before you go and try all the anti-aging creams and potions on the market, ask yourself this one simple question: “Are there any 200 year olds?” The answer is “no” and that’s because there are no known mechanisms for slowing down or stopping the aging process.

Darn! There goes my plan to live forever… The closest we’ve come to finding a solution, according to Molnar, is by studying certain animals such as lobsters and sharks. These organisms don’t age and stay healthy and strong until they die. Let’s hope we can unlock the secret to these organisms’ longevity soon because if we do, we’ll be able to live forever – or as long as we want at least!

Until then, keep on living life like there’s no tomorrow…