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What is the perfect weekend for you?


An ideal weekend means different things to different people. Some enjoy an active and exciting weekend filled with activities, others prefer a quiet and relaxing time while some may seek a mix of both depending on the mood they are in for that particular weekend. However, if one were to look at what constitutes an ‘ideal’ weekend from a general point of view, the following are a few crucial factors that might be included in such a weekend.

·          The weekend is completely free of any worries or stress from work

·          You wake up whenever you like without having to worry about anyone else’s schedule

·          Most important decisions and events do not happen during this time

·          You spend the day doing activities you enjoy no matter what they may be

·          You have as much fun and excitement as possible over the weekend

·          It is not too strenuous or tiring that you are expected to do it again in just a few days from now

·          You are relaxed and feel recharged and happier when the weekend is over

But what is the perfect weekend for you?