Beauty trends for 2022

Most beauty brands in the cosmetics industry are already preparing their newest products for 2022. They want to be ahead of the curve and be remembered as always being on trend before other companies steal their ideas. As a result, they are trying to predict what exactly will be popular in 2022 and how customers will behave.

The biggest news is that the color of the year is Olive Spring. According to Pantone, “this rich and earthy tone embodies our environmental responsibility to always use the planet’s best resources.”

The company also highlighted a trend named “heroic skin”. This means that people will care more about their skin and want it to look perfect at all times. It is this concern with self-care that has evolved into a very strong social phenomenon in the past few years, where people are more likely to spend money trying to acquire a perfect skin. It is probably also related to the fact that millennials are now entering their thirties and know their skin better.

The other big news is about color trends. Brighter colors such as bright reds and oranges will be popular until 2019, but then will fade in favor of pastel colors that are more subdued. Then, in 2021 and 2022, bright colors will return and become “the norm”.

Some of the most interesting new trends include a strong focus on teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is already very popular and it’s expected to become even more so in 2022 because people will try to have perfect white teeth.

In addition, experts point out that celebrities are more likely to wear glasses in public than before. This trend could influence regular consumers towards the same action, as they are more likely to be seen as stylish.

Finally, experts predict that nail art will also make a comeback, but with a different form. By 2021 and 2022, experts believe we’ll see people paint important life events or events of the decade on their nails to show off publicly.

Also, because of new technologies in 2021 and 2022 it is expected that hair tattoos could be popularized.

Finally and surprisingly, experts predict that face tattoos will become popular for men in 2022.