How I improved my memory

My name is Markus, I am 31 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. What I would really like to do right now is improve my memory so that it becomes possible for me to remember things well both at work as well as at home.

My profession means that I have a lot on my mind also outside of work where I have the responsibility of looking after my two kids. I, as so many other people these days am stuck in front of a screen most of the day and at the same time I have to keep all kinds of information in my mind which entails that I really need some help with improving memory.

In the past it has seemed like there is no hope for me but then I started using certain methods and strategies that have helped me to improve memory. What I would really like to uncover in this article is what these things are and how you can learn to use them yourself.

The tips for improving your memory are all very simple but they work. The most important thing is that you find yourself an application which works well on your phone or tablet. It should contain several types of exercises that can help you to improve memory. I would recommend the app ” Brain Fitness Pro “. If you don’t want to spend any money at all then there is also a free version of this app available called ” Memory Trainer”.

In order for the tips and tricks for improving memory to have the desired effect then it is very important that you do them every day, not once in a while. I always start my day by doing at least one or two of these exercises before I set off for work. If I only get to do them during my lunch break one day then I make sure that the next morning when I wake up I do a couple right away.

The first thing that I would recommend, and which is also the most fun of all the exercises for improving memory is playing memory games. There are a lot of different types but it doesn’t really matter which ones you choose because they all work just as well. You can find these kinds of games on your phone or tablet as an app or you can do them on your computer.

One thing that I always recommend is to use mnemonic techniques . The way this works is that you create a picture in your head of something when you have to remember something which makes it easier for you. If I wanted to remember the name of a certain car manufacturer then one mnemonic technique that I would use would be to picture the founder of this car company with a giant watermelon on his head.

The next tip when it comes to improving memory is the so-called “memory palace” which you can also find on your phone or tablet as an app. It gives you the opportunity to store information by putting it into, for example a house in your imagination.

If you are interested in improving memory then I am sure that these three tips are enough to get started with and you will soon recognize the effect they have on helping you to remember things better both at work as well as at home. Memory is one of those things which everyone should have what with all the information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. With these tips for improving memory you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.