Over 40 skin care

Many people think that after 40 years old, it’s no use to take care of yourself. But many are still active regardless of age. These people are also very interested in the skin. After seeing the result of using skin products, they now go to beauty salons or directly buy over-the-counter cosmetics suitable for their age group. It is true that after age 40, the skin has become thin and less able to take care of itself. At this time, many cosmetics for mature skin use are available in stores. But before buying them, you should understand what your skin is like at this stage.

Age 40-50 years old

At this age, collagen production starts decreasing rapidly. This is a stage when collagen production rapidly decreases and the skin begins to be unable to take care of itself. At this time, we can see wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Usually we think we cannot correct it by ourselves. But you should know that there are many products available in stores with special formulations for this area. One product often used by women in this age group is that the skin becomes thinner and more prone to damage.

One thing to note when using age 40 skin care is that you should apply sunscreen or foundation that protects against ultraviolet light. Many people do not have time to use sunscreen, even though they know it’s very important. Because now there are many sunscreen products that are not oily. You can use these sunscreen products on your skin easily. Some products even contain various types of sun protection factor (SPF) to make it easier to find the appropriate product for you.

You should also pay attention to the skin care products you use. There is a saying, “With age comes wisdom.” So now you probably try to choose good skin care products with natural ingredients that can make your skin look young and glowing. You can mix some avocado or almond oil into your usual face cream. Instead of using chemical cleansers, you can use a mix of honey and lemon juice to clean your face gently. Exfoliate regularly with rice flour for glowing skin, especially after bathing in the sea.

Exfoliating your skin is very good for age 40, because it boosts collagen production. You also have to take care of the neck and décolleté area, which tend to sag after age 40. This can be done by applying a lotion on these areas regularly. For mature skin that tends to get dehydrated, you should use moisturizing products and pay attention to the ingredients. Try to use moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or any other ingredient that can help keep your skin moist.

Some people are also more at risk of developing melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer. You should regularly check if there are spots on your face different from the others. If you see a spot on your skin that is not normal, you should go to a doctor immediately.

In addition, age 40 people will have less water retention and more oil production in their bodies. That’s why they tend to get more blackheads, whiteheads on the face. This makes it harder to clean your skin regularly. So you should use a pore cleansing lotion after washing your face with soap properly. One thing to note is that age 40 skin care requires you to pay attention not only to the products used but also to how they are used.

The use of cosmetics at this age is also different from that when you are younger. For example, to maintain the skin’s natural look, most people do not use too much foundation on their skin at this age. Instead, they choose a product with light-colored pigments or concealer for eye circles. Some women even use BB cream to protect their skin and give them a natural glow.

If you use other cosmetics such as eye shadow or blush, choose those with light pigments such as soft brown and rosy pink colors. Pale pinks and beiges work well for this area. Also avoid using products that contain too much oil, such as eyebrow pomade, which can cause acne.