Working out with scoliosis

Many people have to deal with scoliosis their entire lives and working out can be a challenge.

People diagnosed with scoliosis often face skepticism from doctors telling them that they should not work out due to increased stress on the back and possible damage.  This is why many people with scoliosis do not know how to exercise without hurting their backs.  In reality, with a few modifications, it is possible to work out while having scoliosis.

In fact, many people with scoliosis have become avid fitness fanatics and even compete in bodybuilding shows. There are some exercises that can cause pain if a person has scoliosis.  For example, a person with scoliosis should not be doing deadlifts or squats because this could make the pain worse and lead to injuries.  However, there are many exercises that can help people deal with their scoliosis.

One of the best ways for someone to work out with scoliosis is to start with cardio.  A person can jog, swim or ride a bike.  These are exercises that do not have any major impact on the back and are easy for just about anyone to do.

If a person wants to lift weights, it’s best for them not to lift weights above their head due to the strain that this puts on the back.  Instead, it’s best for people to focus on their legs when trying to strengthen their backs.  With scoliosis, many people have stronger right legs because the spine curves to the left more than usual.  This is why leg exercises are a great way for someone to work their back without putting too much strain on it.

For example, a person can do lunges and leg presses to strengthen their legs and improve their posture.  This will help a person with scoliosis maintain good posture when they are standing or sitting.

In addition to cardio and weight training, stretching is an important part of any workout routine.  Stretching is especially useful for scoliosis patients because it keeps the body limber and reduces the risk of injury that can come from working out with an abnormal spine curvature.

Overall, there are many ways to work out with scoliosis and doing so could actually lead to making a person feel much better about their disease.