How to care for bleached hair

Bleached hair is damaged hair. Bleached hair lacks protein because it’s mostly made up of keratin, which comes from protein. Protein deficiency means that the hair lacks cell cohesion, which allows it to break off easily.

Unfortunately for bleached-haired people, keratin is pretty inert and has no melanin or pigment to give it color. This leaves it vulnerable to sun damage because there’s no protection from UV rays.

Here are some guidelines for taking care of bleached hair:

– Use a UV protecting shampoo and conditioner. UV ray exposure can lead to breakage and split ends, so it’s important to use sunscreen for your scalp.

– Don’t wash your hair everyday or it will dry out. When you do rinse, make sure the water isn’t too hot because this will add stress to the hair.

– Deep condition your hair a few times a week with an oil or a protein treatment. If you don’t have time for that, you can use olive oil on your hair before going to bed. Wrap it in a towel and wash out in the morning.

– Use gentle shampoos to avoid stripping your hair too much.

– Avoid frequent harsh brushing. A wide tooth comb is the best option to avoid snagging your hair.

– Minimize heat stylings like blow drying and straightening. Especially if you’re using high heat; they’ll only make your hair worse in the long run.

– Don’t tease or twist your hair too roughly because it puts stress on the hair shaft.

– Hair treatments are important but don’t go overboard with it. Once a week is enough for most people, unless you’re sensitive to chemicals.

These are just some of the things you can do to take care of bleached hair. If this doesn’t work out for you, you can always talk to your hairdresser about bleached hair treatments.