Best diet plan for weight-loss

There are a lot of diets out there, and all of them promise you to help you lose weight. The problem is that most people do not stick with their diet plan through the course of it because they can’t get used to the food variety or they simply cannot adhere to the demands for a long period of time.

If you’re looking to try something new, an article I’ve written on the SFC (Super Food Category Diet) diet might be of interest to you.

It’s been proven that smaller meals are much better for weight loss than giant one’s. So why not make them tasty too? Within my first few days on a diet plan, I realized my pants were getting looser and it wasn’t a temporary “I’m just bloated” thing.

The SFC Diet is a diet that will make you lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods. While eating smaller, but more frequent meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism going, it also allows you to eat whatever food you want as long as it fits in one of these categories:

1-Super Food Category (high in protein and fiber)

2-Fiber rich carbs

3-SFC Diet approved fats

The Super Food category is something most people could benefit from, high in protein and fiber. It includes fruits/vegetables as well. Fiber doesn’t just help with weight loss, it helps detox the body as well. The best way to get your daily dose of fiber is through these foods.

SFC approved fats help you keep your calorie count down, while still giving you a bit of that good fat feeling.

Fiber rich carbs are the go to guys when it comes to sound nutrition, and SFC diet proves it by letting you eat as much as possible (without going overboard) without being penalized for it.

Fruits and vegetables are also something you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about going over your allotted calories because they’re naturally low in fat, and with so much fiber, they fill you up fast. I am a huge fan of eating raw fruits during the day, mainly because it makes me feel better, but some people are put off by that so I made a list of other things you can eat during the day, with their calories and what they consist of.

Anywho, in order to lose weight faster than normal this is the breakdown of your daily calorie count:

Breakfast- 350 ( try not to eat anything else for 30 mins, so you can digest it faster)

You should only eat thin-crust pizzas, because those are part of the Super Food Category. Vegetables and fruits (lots of it), fish/chicken, nuts(keep ’em to a minimum though).

You’re going to have to look at your plate every time before you eat a slice of pizza to make sure you’re getting enough fiber.

Lunch- 300 (after 30 mins since your last bite)

Try not to eat more than a few slices of thin crust pizzas for lunch, if you can help it. A lot of fat and sodium come from oversalting foods so try to stay away as much as possible.

Anything goes, just make sure to get that fiber in. You can also eat fruits and veggies here too if you feel like it, but fruit’s got a lot of sugar so don’t go overboard with them either.

Dinner- 500 (after 30 mins since your last bite)

You’ve probably had enough pizza by now, so don’t be afraid to try some other SFC approved foods. You should stick with complex carbs though, not overly processed ones and definitely stay away from simple carbs. No fast food either, because you’ll end up going overboard in the fat department by eating too much of it.