Best skin care for 30s

Skin in your 30s needs a bit more attention now you’re getting older, so it’s important to take the right steps when it comes to looking after your skin. The good news is that there may actually be some benefits to ageing!

Half of women over 25 have wrinkles already, but don’t panic, there are a number of ways to combat them. Our face is made up of three layers: the epidermis (the outermost layer), the dermis (the second layer) and subcutaneous fat. As we age, we lose collagen – which keeps the skin elastic and plump – making wrinkles more prominent. But you can help your skin by eating the right foods.

Fish is an excellent source of collagen and omega-3 oils, so try to consume at least two portions a week. Other good sources are eggs, dairy products and nuts . It’s not just what you eat that helps combat wrinkles – there are lots of creams on the market that contain collagen, but you can also find it in moisturisers and serums.

If that’s not enough, there are plenty of options for non-invasive treatments available if you don’t want to take the natural route. Some dermatologists recommend anti wrinkle injections , which are targeted at specific problem areas to keep skin looking younger for longer.

These injections are made by taking fat taken from another part of your body and injecting it into the face. Another option is dermal fillers , which work in a similar way, but smooth away wrinkles instead. Dermal fillers are injected underneath the skin to plump out lines or folds.

Other popular non-invasive treatments include microdermabrasion and dermaplaning , which is similar to waxing but doesn’t use any chemicals or heat. Your skin is gently exfoliated using a sharp scalpel, revealing bright, fresh skin beneath.

It’s worth noting that your skin will change as you get older, so if your habits aren’t working now, try something new. If you’re in your 30s and want to avoid looking like you have lots of wrinkles, make sure the products you use contain collagen – this is the key to a youthful face.