Fitness trends in workout gear for 2022

   The following are the top fitness trends in workout wear for 2022, as reported by leading companies within the activewear market.

Activity Trackers : Activity tracker technology has come a long way since it first hit the market, and now they’re becoming more infrequent as wearables that monitor fitness and health become smaller and less noticeable. As we enter 2022, we can expect to see these type of devices becoming even more advanced as companies work on ways to enhance user experience. Some of these enhancements include the integration of biofeedback technology, which allows users to take full control on their health data.

Customized Workout Suits : With the goal of providing every user with a highly personalized experience, companies are now working towards developing workout suits that can adapt based on each person’s workout goals and routines. These types of technologies are currently in their beginning stages, but they might just be the next big thing in fitness gear.

Modified Apparel : Manufacturers are continuing to work with scientists and researchers to expand on the apparel’s ability to help users achieve better workouts by creating suits that will protect their muscles after a workout. This type of clothing can be used on a daily basis, even if the user isn’t engaging in any exercise. By creating workout wear that enhances recovery time, makers are able to appeal to an even larger group of consumers.

Customized Workout Music : While music-streaming services have been very popular for some time now, this new type of service will function in a similar way to the previous one, but it will allow users to listen to music that has been scientifically designed based on their heart rate. This service will offer a catalogue of different songs with varying beats per minute, and when it’s paired with custom workout wear from an advanced app, it will increase accuracy for users who want to maximize their workouts.

Gamified Exercise : Companies are working on ways to get users more engaged with their fitness routines by creating wearable tech that’s combined with immersive gaming. Instead of just taking steps towards achieving a certain goal, these types of technologies will take things one step further by making it so users have to complete specific tasks in order to advance through the game they’re playing.

For example, users might have to complete a certain number of squats or lunges in order to defeat an opponent. While this technology isn’t available yet, it could be the next big hit within the activewear market.